Peanut Allergy Alert: TalentiĀ® Gelato and Sorbetto

Talenti® Gelato & Sorbetto, a Unilever company, is voluntarily recalling a limited number of jars of Talenti® Gelato & Sorbetto Sea Salt Caramel Gelato because they may inadvertently contain peanuts (as peanut butter), which are not…

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My child has a weight problem: how to react?

The whole family has to take the same meals, otherwise the child will feel “left out”, that is like punishing him: he may suffer and sometimes eating in secret.The child is not in the “Plan”. It’s all in the family who has to learn to eat better every …

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New Peanut Allergy Study Does Not Say Parents Are to Blame

Why It’s Important to Read Past the Headlines –  Doctors Explain New Peanut Allergy Study   Editor’s note:  The KFA/AAFA leadership recognize that int…

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Obese people remain seated two and a half hours more per day than normal-weight individuals. So if they moved as much as others, just in their daily activities (housework, music, stomp …), they could easily lose 15 pounds a year!The discovery can be …

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10 Years of Keeping Kids With Food Allergies Safe and Healthy

  It’s hard to believe that Kids With Food Allergies is celebrating its 10th anniversary. We opened our doors on February 28, 2005, offering online suppor…

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Soy Allergy Alert – Sunset Farms Foods Link Sausage Products

Sunset Farm Foods, Inc Recalls Sausage Products Due To Misbranding And Undeclared Allergen Class II Recall 036-2015 Health Risk: Low Feb 26, 2015   Congressional and Public Affairs  Whitney Joy (202) 720-9113   &nbsp…

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Which to choose? Low carb, protein, Weight Watchers, Atkins, Mayo, Montignac, Hollywood … 

This time it’s decided: in less than a month, you come out the pirate! On Monday, so it’s diet. And by then, a big question: why? What formula adopted to refine without endangering his health? “The ideal diet is first one that suits their lifestyle, which is found to his taste,” says nutritionist . No need to rely on powder packets, when eaten daily as a family! But the perfect diet is especially one that is defined with the doctor, depending on its shape, and having identified his bad habits. “The key to making the right choice, continuing our expert is to understand the reasons – sometimes emotional – of his weight.

Menopause does not always explain everything …

Menopause is not always the only cause. It may also be the start of the youngest, a cessation of activity, transient depressed … And then what? Better to put everything on his side. For example, do not impose stringent rules preposterous, in short, impossible. Forget unbalanced formulas, monotonous and demanding, and make it a habit to shop after lunch – you’ll be less tempted! Finally, remember that we must move (it burns calories better when doing exercise). Oh, not necessarily a lot. Any nutritionist will ask you to do the running! Just remember that we are spending as much mowing his lawn with a mechanical device or gardening, by walking briskly, swimming breaststroke or rushing on the slopes.

Recipes that we are all

l) The formula (United States in 1973), Weight Watchers, is primarily a low calorie diet, based on fewer calories. But the strength of this method, which makes it a heavyweight in the market for thinness and a wholly method is that it puts on the menu for all its members an additional: meetings with a facilitator every week. Nothing is forbidden. Provided we know the energy value of what you eat, you can take fruits and vegetables at will, some meats, fish, starchy foods and dairy products every day. One can also have fun with chocolate, pastries, meats or alcohol. Complicated? Not even! Because there are dots, not calories. You get a quota based on its pounds to lose, age, sex, physical activity – each type of food corresponding to a number of units. Example: 1.5 champagne, 4 for a big plate of pasta, 2 for a share of pie, knowing for example, that I must not exceed 20. It’s simple, just count It! work? More than 25 million people worldwide have lost weight with Weight Watchers method. What the world does not necessarily want to spread his weight problems. In addition to a group. And the weekly meeting can quickly seem restrictive; unless you follow the individual. Reviews Dr. Fricker “This is a good method. It is nice, although it is a little classic, not enough custom and some may seem rigid. These groups, it’s pretty school … However, it is a balanced program without any danger to health, and can be followed punctually need … for years! “

2) Low Calorie diets formulas calorie formulas are poor in calories -like all plans – but where you can eat almost normally, without excess or course snacking. Of course, you know the Weight Watchers program. There are many. The soup in particular emulated. There we would a US hospital (again!), Where he was developed to help obese patients lose weight. As the name suggests, it mainly includes soups or mixed or stranded best to cut the appetite, but also foods rich in protein and low in calories (white cheese, fish, poultry …). Warm front in this bowl: less than 1,000 calories a day! Another newcomer of the same thought: the lighter Cretans. Light version of the Cretan diet, rich, healthy and varied, it is heavily loaded with olive oil (relatively speaking) and fruit and vegetables … It Work? By reducing calorie intake, you lose Always weight. But the advantage with these formulas then, is that we continue to balanced. It is not always easy to hold, even within one or two weeks. While in most cases these formulas can rebalance its supply, their habits must be maintained … for life. If we take the stride. Reviews Dr. Fricker “These diets are safe for health, even in the long term. The soup diet, for example, based on a great idea: eat more fruits and vegetables, without which we can neither slim nor stay long term slim. There is only one thing to blame them, they are too focused on the energy values ​​formulas. Calculate not enough. We must also take into account the nutrient interactions, the consequences of their transformation in the body … Note: do not stay more than eight weeks in a row below 600 to 700 calories, and second, to 1,400 calories , at least. And be careful: whatever the option, it is essential to keep high protein foods to the menu (meat, fish …), otherwise put your health at danger. 3)  Montignac, (or Shelton). Both work on the same pattern. With them, you can eat just about everything, but not simultaneously. So, during the meal, by dint of eating the same thing, is saturated, it is less good, and we stop. Montignac prohibits marriage carbohydrate-lipid (fat) and recommends fruit between meals. This means, without cheese baguette, pasta without butter, stew without potatoes. Shelton outlaw certain associations such as proteins and sugars, according to a complex ranking: you can drink milk, but nothing … As for Antoine regime, based on a daily distribution. For example, Monday is the day dedicated to fish, on Tuesday, the vegetables, on Wednesday, the eggs … It is supposed to balance the week. that work? Differentiated diets are effective in the short term. On balance, you can expect between one and three kilos at least month. But the risk of uncontrollable cravings and difficulties in finding a normal diet without doctor resume. Review Dr. Fricker “Shelton Montignac and are not a health hazard, since all food groups are represented. Dairy products, meats, starches, vegetables and fruits, all there. Their real problem is that they are not very pleasant to follow and are very user-friendly. I recommend, for against the Antoine diet, which can lead to micronutrient deficiencies. The body needs to recharge his batteries in vitamins and minerals every four to five hours. What he can not do with this formula, it is based on a breakdown in the day. “
Those who rid us of at least 5 kg

protidic diets (the United States, there 40 years), protidic diets are fad diet. Ready to use, they encounter such a success they are found in pharmacies, drugstores and even in supermarkets. Replacing almost all of its power supply (in general two main meals) by protein powder or in the form of flavored beverages. On the menu: chocolate, vanilla, but couscous or paella … Most brands recommend three weeks of treatment (maximum). A period in which your love feasts then limited almost exclusively to bags proteins, cans or bars, and fruit and vegetables (at will). Which, of course, has the immediate consequence of limiting calorie intake (about 400 calories per snack). It works? Developed and used by nutritionists against severe obesity, protidic diets have been proven. Well monitored and under the aegis of a doctor, they provide fast weight loss – about a pound a week … They are intended to those who have at least five to lose … and others, provided replace with the help of a nutritionist, sachets of real food. What peach from luck! Proteins, it is simple, fast and effective, you have nothing to prepare. But one swallow a mixture of chocolate as a food, it does not generally fun time. Two, the lack of flavor creates desires … forbidden foods often difficult to silence. Three is a difficult formula to reconcile with a social life (not easy to impose the shaker at a dinner with friends!). Finally, four, it is not with this kind of diet that learns to eat anything without gaining weight. In short: there is a risk of weight regain after stopping bags, unless you get a prescription version of the food-based diet solid. Review Doctor Fricker “Attention, the maximum for a protein diet is eight weeks. Not one more …. and under the regular supervision of a doctor! They can generate deficiencies, but mostly from the fifties, one is exposed to the risk of muscle wasting and heart trouble. Supplementation with vitamins and minerals may be necessary. »

And which to forget!

l) The low carb formulas The most famous low carb is the Atkins method – a monument of the diet by itself! But these poor diets in carbohydrates (which is also called carbohydrates: bread, pasta, rice and sugar in general) are now the rage, with names longer up to date, The Zone, for example , very popular in the United States. Thirty-five million Americans follow this type of diet. Concretely? It is a new current regimes with exclusion (see below). Deli, meat was allowed to eat, fish, eggs and dairy products (including cheese) without any limit. The result for several weeks, hardly swallow … as proteins and fats! – Fruits and vegetables are allowed in small quantities. Just 200 grams per day initially. First we lose water and proteins with a satiating effect, we immediately less hungry. Knowing, in addition to nausea, headache, morale drops and tone, constipation and heartburn associated with this type of diet, excess protein is harmful to health … The opinion of Dr Fricker “On average, we can expect to lose between 3 and 8 kg in … three months. But I do not advise these plans. They are unbalanced, increase cholesterol levels are dangerous for the heart and promote depression … You lose weight healthily and sustainably by eating varied and leaving the fruit and vegetable menu, and some well-chosen starchy all meals. Enjoy the pleasures of the table increases the chances of success. “2) The forms with exclusion you know the most famous: Atkins (see above), Mayo or Hollywood … The peculiarity of these diets is that they prohibit or restrict one or even several foods, mostly energy . This may be the sugar, cereals, starchy foods, but also the fruit or dairy products according to the methods. Mayo for example, is to make three meals a day, with meat, fruits, vegetables and some bread. However, it excludes sugary products, most starchy foods, dairy products and fats. Hollywood, he is not eating only fruits and vegetables … The thinning is guaranteed that at this beginning. Why fishing? Formulas with exclusion lead to deficiencies, mainly vitamins, and calcium when they contain no dairy. The opinion of Dr. Fricker “These are old regimes, today exceeded. They are bad for health, represent a real danger to the heart, tired a lot and promote weight gain when you return to a normal diet. »

Substitutes or not?

Most meal replacements (bars, foams and other low-calorie or high-protein preparations) contain vitamins. So they have any place in your diet, even if you do not make protein diet … but once per day, maximum! They lack flavor, cause frustration and help in no case to balance his diet (you do not eat more fruits and vegetables).

Alternative medicine-they make us melt?

The opinion of Dr. Gossart, Psycho-nutritionist “We can supplement his diet with alternative medicine. There are excellent suckers in herbal medicine-they help eliminate. Homeopathy and acupuncture are also excellent adjuvants. by rebalancing the body and playing on anxiety, they may decrease the cravings for chocolates irrepressible example … “

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Stating the obvious you might say! But if you think about it, do not you confuse the goal you want to achieve with the means to achieve it ??Difficult to choose a diet …Every spring, madness regimes flourished again, with all its promises perfect bod…

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The Atkins diet allows unlimited fat, such as butter and meat, fish, eggs and dairy products. However, it excludes sugar: sugary products, but also carbohydrates like bread, pasta, rice and starchy. Vegetables and especially fruit are allowed only in v…

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Landmark Study May Change How We Feed Peanut Butter To Infants

High-Risk Infants Fed Peanuts Developed Allergy At Lower Rate Than Other Babies – Study May Pave Way for New Prevention Strategies   Feeding peanut butter to infants …

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