New Food Find: HomeFree®, Don’t Go Nuts™ Launch New Snack Options

Children with food allergies have new options for portable treats on the go or to take to school, thanks to two “free from” food companies. HomeFree ®, one…

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Do you know how to burn your calories?

Our body needs energy to function. However, careful not to make it too much because it stores the excess. The best way to balance the scales is to physically spend excess calories. But what kind of physical activity can be done, and for how long, to el…

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Phulka Tacos! The next under the “Makeovers for Leftovers” series, soft, foldable phulkas to these crunchy hard shell tacos have stolen my heart, mind, tongue and whatever else too! The fact they are whole wheat tacos and took just about 5 minutes to transition into their new avatars makes their case for them; Aint’t it?  The concept of frozen food has been introduced to Indians in the recent past (the last decade may be?). A leftover for family meal is an alien concept. I should correct that. Intentional leftovers for family meals were an alien concept. The reasons you hear… Continue reading

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Running on an empty stomach to lose weight?

Physical endurance exercise performed fasting seems more effective for burning fat than the same exercise performed after eating.Training potentiates this effect, particularly in the woman … ??Energy expenditure, fasting sport and thinningIt is well …

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Egg Allergy Alert – Silver Lake Brand ‘Easter Egg Cookies’

Silver Lake Cookie Company, Inc. Issues Allergy Alert On Undeclared Eggs In “Easter Egg Cookies” Contact: Consumer: 1-800-645-9048   FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – …

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Sulfite Allergy Alert – Best Foods Deer Brand Raisin Golden

Best Foods Inc. Issues Alert on Undeclared Sulfites in Deer Brand Raisin Golden Contact: Consumer: 1-732-650-1300 Ext 222   FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE — March 27, 2015 — Best Foods Inc. 75 Midvale Rd Edison, NJ 08817 is …

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Want to lose weight? Cook!

Why cook?
Because that’s the only way to have a balanced diet and light. However, it is a key to slimming (the other is physical exercise).
At the same time you are protecting your children to gain weight and you’ll save.

Dishes trade? too fat

Certainly, they are easy to use.
Help Cut to open trays of salads that will input office, 30 seconds to pour the contents into a dish, fork three shots to break the plastic trays of cooked meal, a walk in the microwave and presto! Everyone at the table.
Which is already more than 21 g for a tray of 300 g (average weight of dishes).

For entry, you chose grated carrots? Carrots is good for your health, you have to eat vegetables and children swallow them without too snort. Especially when there are in hazelnuts crunched and sauce is balsamic vinegar.
What do they have these beautiful carrots grated hazelnuts? 13.7% fat per 100 g. The tray is 160 g (which is hearty enough for one person) and therefore contains 22 grams of fat.
It’s been roughly 40 grams of fat for that meal. Besides those of any dessert if they are not fruits and whether they are dairy products (yogurt, cheese), not cheese.

Dishes trade? Too expensive
How much are these grated carrots with nuts? € 2.99 the tray 160g, € 18.69 per kilo.
The price of 1 kg of organic carrots is between 2.60 to 2.90 €. Unless a tray grated carrots.
Make this kind of comparison when shopping: you will find that trade dishes of any kind, you always come too expensive.
That makes sense: the manufacturer must make a profit on its production, the price of the package is in addition to the ingredients, the store that sells also takes a margin (often very comfortable) and there is a fee of transport.
There it all in, for example, a chicken tagine with olives 4.99 € 300 g (€ 16.68 kg) announces its label 34% chicken fillet, about 100g.
Label Rouge chicken farmer or is sold from July to September € per kilo in supermarkets. If you buy a 1.3 kg to € 11.59 and you roast, you feed six people.
If you’re four, you can take the white or thighs to turn them into tagine (or other dish), keep the carcass to make stock and good soup! Or just finish cold the next day.

The kitchen takes time?
Yes, of course. But much less than we think. Because very often we can do something else at the same time. And that simply adopting the right organization.
While you peel the vegetables for the evening meal, nothing prevents you to chat on the phone with Mom or a girlfriend, just plug the speaker!
It takes 5 minutes to put a chicken in the oven for 45 to 50 minutes of his cooking you prepare the rest of the meal (fried potatoes, salad) and at the same time you help the little homework. Or you put vegetables around and everything is ready at the same time.
Same strategy for a rabbit with olives: 10 minutes to fry chopped onion (frozen to save time and do not cry) and rabbit pieces, 30 Seconds to wet with white wine, another 30 seconds to add a handful of olives , and presto! oven at 180 ° C for 45 minutes or 1 hour.
It takes time? Yes, but the rabbit and chicken will make you two meals. So one of these days, you will not have to cook.
Risotto, it must cook 18 minutes. Plus 5 or 10 to put on (peel and cook onion, pearled rice, it takes 30 minutes. Meanwhile, you prune ham or chicken pieces left over from the day before you add the at the last moment and you have a complete meal folded in half an hour.
It takes 20 to 30 minutes to wash the zucchini, cut into pieces, fry in a pan and cook, stirring occasionally. For tomatoes, halved, it’s just 15 minutes. Can you break 2 eggs per person in the pan, and dinner is ready.

Everyday cooking? Simple and light

For protein?
Roast (which will be cold meat for another meal), fish baked, grilled.
A casserole from time to time, cooked in larger quantities so they can be reused.
For carbohydrates?
Pasta, rice, potatoes.
But also pulses salad kind of lenses (just open a can of lentils natural!).
Not forgetting of course the bread is the best carbs provider.
Side vegetables?
Seared and especially soups.
You can prepare for two or three meals: it will take a little more time to peeling but not for cooking, especially in the pressure cooker.
The soup is really the best way to eat vegetables and fat in the right amounts. In addition, it is not expensive and children swallow easily!
Put a measuring cap on your bottle of oil: thus we light kitchen since it is these that bring the most fat calories.
A reasonable fat consumption is around 80 to 100 g of butter and 150 to 200 g of oil per week (per person).
Compare with what you usually buy and possibly reduce the quantities: your kitchen will be much lighter and provide fewer calories.
For dessert?
Dairy products and fruit.
Cake, desserts time to time during the weekends, when you have more time.
Or Sunday cake, bought from the baker!

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Add this eggless vanilla cupcakes recipe to your library because you can never have enough cupcake recipes, can you? Add some berries to vanilla cupcakes and you’ve got yourself breakfast-on-the-go. Add some whipped cream frosting to the vanilla cupcakes and you’ve got yourself some dessert for dinner. How about that! Is it too bad that I have nothing much to share today? I mean, I have this great recipe for soft, light as air vanilla cupcakes, do I need more? Yes, I do. Google says so. My sweet, will-kill-you-with-his-tech-talks husband, installed a software when we started the blog that basically… Continue reading

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Slim electrostimulation: a utopia?

Everyone knows the lap belts electrostimulation which we call shops boast qualities.Meant we shape a dream figure, are they really lose weight?Above all, they are as harmless as it seems?The belt electrostimulation How does it work?The principle of ele…

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7 Allergy-Friendly Recipes for Your Easter Menu

What’s on your Easter menu?   Traditional holiday menus are filled with major allergens. If you, your child(ren) or a dinner guest have food allergies, you’ll n…

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