Will Oral Food Challenges or Accidental Ingestions Make Your Child’s Food Allergy Worse?

If your child accidentally eats the food they avoid, will their food allergy last longer? What about purposely eating the food during an in-office food challenge? Have you avoided in-office food challenges because you’re afraid a reaction will make the allergy worse? A recently published study can put your mind at ease. What the study was about Researchers followed a group of 512 infants allergic to milk and egg . These babies also had a strong likelihood for peanut allergy. The researchers…

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What is the recommended sports to lose weight …

It is now widely demonstrated, regular physical activity protects against most major diseases (cancer, diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular diseases …). But if sports is also a very effective help to refine our shape or lose weight if physical activity …

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10 good habits to lose weight easily

Not easy to lose weight, but not impossible. To enhance your chances of success, adopt good habits every day.But are you sure (e) to know them?1 – I skip breakfast to save caloriesNo, you have to eat in the morning if you have a craving in the morning …

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Do you know how to burn your calories?

Our body needs energy to function. However, careful not to make too much of it because it stores the excess. The best way to balance the scales is to physically spend the extra calories. But what kind of physical activity can be done, and for how long,…

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Tree Nut Allergy Alert (Almond) – Lipari Foods Dark Chocolate Covered Coffee Bean Products

Lipari Foods Issues Allergy Alert on Dark Chocolate Covered Coffee Bean Products Due to Undeclared Almond For Immediate Release February 23, 2016 Contact Consumers Customer Service 800-729-3354 Media Michelle Voss Michelle_Voss@liparif…

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YO-YO kilos

This expression of kilos “yo-yo” appeared in the 70/80 years to describe, in reference to the toy that comes and goes, lost and recovery of lost weight or more during successions of dieting.When diets are linked with weight loss and times …During a f…

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Kadala curry or kala channa curry is a curry made with black chickpeas (which can be substituted with white), fresh roasted masalas, and a generous splash of coconut milk. Reminiscent of Kerala, a popular coastal destination of India, kadala curry and puttu (a steamed flour dish) is a breakfast staple of the region. A dinner favorite at my place, this curry shines through when eaten with flaky bread like the Kerala Parotta. Continue reading

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The three advantages of yogurt to lose weight

Maintain a healthy weight should not be a fight, long or short. Just a series of good habits taken … Among them, that eating yogurt regularly. What this dairy product more than other foods?Yogurt: low calories, lots of nutrients!The first advantage o…

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Milk-Free Skillet Cookie Sundaes with Caramel Sauce

Our organization has grown so much, but we always celebrate KFA’s humble beginning. We remember how it began with a vision and a dedicated group of volunteers.

So, how does KFA celebrate its birthday today? Nowadays we have many more allergy-friendly food choices.

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How less snacking? 7 tips that work

Stress or simply greed, unhealthy diet, hectic schedule … The reasons are many snack.Here are some tips to help you resist and less snacking!Why should you avoid snacking?To keep the course online!Indeed, cravings and other snacks between meals are o…

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